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Always with one foot outside the EU

The relationship between Britain and the European Union has never been easy.Prime Minister David Cameron did this in his State of Europe expressed.Cameron rejects a common EU rules for all Member States. Countries are different, said Cameron. We can not harmonize everything.
In the past, the British government was repeated by special rules for the island - and thus was always with one foot outside the EU.

Abolition of the discount agreement with British consent

As much in the UK but the EU budget einzahlte, but after presentation of the government hardly benefited from the multi-billion dollar agricultural subsidies, urged the then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1984: "I want my money back!" - "I want my money back." The "Iron Lady" enforced a discount agreement with their country, according to the UK gets back 66 percent of its net contribution to the EU. The discount is today, even though he repeatedly aroused the ire of other EU countries, as they now must share the British share. But the rule can be abolished only if the UK agrees.

Freedom to travel is not

Anyone traveling from Germany to France, Austria and the Netherlands have, at the border does not show his passport. UK holidaymakers should the card but have here is that the British have not joined the Schengen agreement, which the EU guarantees citizens freedom to travel from Italy to Norway and from Portugal to Poland.
Flags Great Britain European Union (Photo: REUTERS)Enlarge ImageThe British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to take a vote until 2017 at the latest on the fate of the EU.

Not fiscal pact in Britain

In the euro crisis, the restraining of their pound currency British island has drifted a bit further from the core EU. With concern in London the laborious work were observed in the euro rescue, the British government also feared consequences for London as a financial center by stricter banking regulation or a financial transaction tax. But what really caused outrage in the EU that the UK about a year ago not to the fiscal pact for more fiscal discipline followed.

Right to "opt out" in legislation

Entered since the EU Lisbon Treaty in force in 2009, you can choose the UK, to which laws in justice and home affairs, it participates. Recently, the British government has announced to adopt also from the entire legislative field of policy, which was adopted prior to the Lisbon Treaty. This affects about 130 laws. The right to such "opt-out" exit had said Britain backed by a special regulation.

Outlet in principle possible

If the British would agree to a target of Prime Minister David Cameron referendum on leaving the EU, membership could be terminated. This is in the EU Treaties clearly regulated. "Each Member State may, in accordance with its constitutional requirements, withdraw from the Union," it says in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
Both sides would have to be first in negotiations on the precise terms of a few.May also need new institutions are created to cover the special bond Britain to Europe. In these committees could the British consult with the other EU countries and exchange, without need to enter into reciprocal commitments.

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